How it works

Cost: Only what we are charged. 

Frequency: To meet every 6 to 8 weeks. It is anticipated that the 2017 meetings will take place on: 

  • 27 March (Hilton); 
  • 15 May (Novotel);
  • 3 July (Tompkins & Attic Sky Bar);
  • 18 September (Jazzgir); 
  • week commencing 30 October (venue TBC)*; and 
  • week commencing 20 or 27 November (Hilton – maybe for a Christmas party). 

*We are currently talking to potential host venues. More details will follow and dates will be confirmed. 

Format: Lunchtime. 

  • General meet and greet with food. 
  • Guest speaker/s. 
  • Opportunity for self promotion up to 1 minute and thereafter individual networking. 

Social: To help cement relationships we hope to be able to develop the social side of the group, whether because the events themselves are enjoyable or because we are able to arrange one or two events. 

Community: Canary Wharf isn’t just about business. There is a whole community out there and some worthy causes. If we are able to ‘give back’ something, then we’re sure it will be greatly appreciated. 

Tel: 020 7925 0303
Graeme Bellenger
Philip Jackson
Yogesh Patel


The thought of siloed workers in Canary Wharf and his native Harbour Exchange bothers Kidd Rapinet Solicitors’ Managing Partner Graeme Bellenger.